Welcome to Another School Year

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How is it September already? I feel like summer just started last week. With a new school year comes new students, new courses, and a completely new 6 period day with 2 lunches! Also, we are changing the way Day 1 and Day 2 works (Day 1 is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday; Day 2 is Thursday and Friday).

Unfortuanetly I didn’t get as much done over the summer break as I had wanted to but I will still be revamping my website and my courses. Nothing like redoing 2 courses you have taught for many years while dealing with a brand new course you have never taught. I think I might be crazy!

Anyways, if you are looking for me on a Day 1, here is where to find me. If it’s a day 2, just flip the last two periods around.

Time Block Location Class
8:00-9:00 A 2703 ICS4UI
9:05-10:05 B 2715 MSIP
10:10-11:10 C Staff Room/Math Office/Running a Club LUNCH
11:15-12:15 D Staff Room/Math Office/Running a Club LUNCH
12:20-1:20 E 2703 ICS3UI
1:25-2:25 F 2602 MHF4UI