Game Design

Game Design

World 1-1: How Nintendo Made Mario’s most iconic level
Miyamoto is the man that is behind almost all of Nintendo’s most memorable characters and games. In this video, he talks about creating the original Super Mario Bros game for the NES and specifically focuses on the very first level in the game
​Super Mario’s makers play Super Mario Maker
Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka, the men behind Mario create a level in Super Mario Maker and explain the process.
Making Your First Game: Minimum Viable Product
A talk from Extra Credits talking about how you start making your first game by determining what is really needed in your game before you decide to continue.
Line Wobbler
A 1-D dungeon crawler created with an Arduino, a strip of RGB LEDs, and a spring door stop!

Game Programming

A* Pathfinding
Ever wonder how to find the best route around walls in your tile based game? Here is one of the best!

How It Works

How Old-School Graphics Works
Describes how the clever engineers created colourful pictures using the limited hardware. Be sure to watch both parts!
How Old-School Game Music Works
How old computers/game systems produced Sound


libGDX Game Framework
A Java framework that can be used to develop games for Android, IOS, HTML5, and Desktop using one core file!